It Won't Be Long Now

from by Mitch Friedman



It Won't Be Long Now

I was born with primo genes
which make my bottom and top clean
What goes up must come down
but only one end wears a frown

Hair today and gone tomorrow
I'll keep giving you some skin
Heading for happiness, not sorrow
Bald is how we all begin
So shield your eyes while I take a bow
It won't be long now

Telly, Mr. Clean, and Yul
used their shiny, skin-smooth tool
to coax the women through their doors
for hot romance and cleaner floors

The gentle egg sits there in the shade
It had no problem getting laid
Look at Gandhi and Sinead
The masses say they got it made
and neither of them had a cow
It won't be long now

Minoxidil is nearly nil
Rugs and weaves are worser still
Transplants you can just forget,
my skull is not some Chia Pet

No need to spray, cut, style or primp
No colorings or permanents
Throw brushes, combs, and driers out
A lesser man would sit and pout

We'd all be better off this way
All people white, black, yellow or gray
would be more similar today
So shave it off now, don't delay!

Barbers are barbarians,
cutting off looks right to them
Some surgery they used to do
so count your ears,
there should be two

There's plenty more in other places
Some is pubic, some is public
The stuff that grows out of my face is
such a nag I keep it stubbly

So comb it back from your brow
It won't be long now
Even Buddha got you ta’ vow and kowtow
It won't be long now


from BREAKING MUSE, released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Mitch Friedman New York, New York

One-man band purveyor of quirky pop in a variety of styles, from Brooklyn, NY

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