You Get By

from by Mitch Friedman



You Get By

You're the greatest at everything you do
and even a few you don't
I'm determined to be a big success
though the clock hints I won't
Each giant step I trip on
becomes a bigger crutch
But you, not so much

It's abundantly clear I'm inferior
in every single way
You take a giant bite of life
and I have tooth decay
The way I fumble blindly
means I've lost the touch
But you, not so much

You get by so calm, cool and collected
You get by without breaking a sweat
You rely on confidence and ego
You play a soaring solo while I just sit and fret

I've got the skills, I've got the smarts, I've got the experience
but the temper in my temperament knocks down every fighting chance
What's the secret to your method of living uncompromised?
Is it that you hardly care at all
while my concern is super-sized?

If it sounds like I'm supremely jealous,
it's because I am
I know the trait is unbecoming
but I don't give a damn
I won't let up until I've got the answer in my clutch
But you, not so much

You get by and don't ruffle a feather
You get by without even a nudge
You defy every prediction
You skate through life so gracefully and I get stuck in sludge

Well guess what?

You'll get by but I'll be right behind you
You'll get by while I ride your wake
You can try to draw a distinction
but from now on I'm gonna be a shadow you can't shake


from BREAKING MUSE, released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Mitch Friedman New York, New York

One-man band purveyor of quirky pop in a variety of styles, from Brooklyn, NY

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