Nothing But a Soul

from by Mitch Friedman



Nothing But a Soul

Pardon me, a part of me is reaching for release
The entire mass of me is asking for decrease

My left thumb said "See ya', chum" and hit the road in hitchhike mode
The rest of my fingers chose not to linger and took a turn at being a fern

Five pints of blood said "Later, bud!" then fortified and oxidized some facial mud
A ribcage and a couple of bones headed for the jungle as a xylophone

One week ago I was a whole
now I'm nothing but a soul

My brain went insane from the strain of pain and took a plunge as a car wash sponge
Twenty-seven hairs that made up a curl flocked to the locks of a newborn girl

Several organs and a gland got a job as a billboard ampersand
An elbow turned to macaroni
My ponytail just joined a pony

One week ago I was a whole
now I'm nothing but a soul

When you pin a reincarnation on the lapel of a flesh tuxedo,
what is left feels overdressed,
and "Let's split" becomes its common credo

Beauty marks, freckles, and some warts became the imperfections in a piece of quartz
Some cartilage and a ligament replaced the guard wires in an army tent

Testes and their penis bestie made a foray to play croquet
The eyelids said "This is lame" and turned into the shells in a shell game

One week ago I was a whole
now I'm nothing but a soul


from BREAKING MUSE, released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Mitch Friedman New York, New York

One-man band purveyor of quirky pop in a variety of styles, from Brooklyn, NY

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